Sunday, January 29, 2012


All creation hangs on to every word that God says. The bible says in Job that the stars sang for joy. The stars sang!!! And the bible says somewhere else (i cant remember where) that the ROCKS cry out and will proclaim the glory of God. Isn't it crazy how something that we believe can't even talk can sing praises to God? Isn't it even more crazy that the very beings that God created to worship and praise him reject him daily? I wonder what it will take for all of mankind to realize that God is GOD. Actually, i know what it will take... Eternity separated from Him. When he speaks the earth moves. It's so different from when we speak. Most of the words that come from our lips are negative words that tear down. And normally we hear with selective ears. Only hearing the things that will benefit us in some way. I know a few different people who feed off of the sympathy the get from others. They strive for defeat so they can hear "I'm so sorry" or "bless your heart". Doesn't that sound crazy!?! I know that on some days I am the same way, so I am not saying that I have overcome these Things. I'm just sayin'. I LOVED the movie "The Help" In the movie Aibileen Clark was a slave for a wealthy family. She put into the family in so many ways including raising their small baby girl. Through out the movie she was that little girl's main encourager! She reminded her daily of how important she was and how much she was loved. I think one of my most favorite quotes from any movie ever is one from that movie. "You is kind, you is smart, and you is important". Makes my heart so happy. We need to be like aibileen and put away our snooty attitudes. We need to be sweet. And encourage! For real. Because one day we will look back and kick ourselves for the words that we chose to speak. Choose to speak truth y'all. :) word.

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